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The Most Effective Ballroom Dance Lessons in Massachusetts

Walk in and dance out of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Dedham, Massachusetts.  No matter your age or experience, an individual or with a partner, our expert instructors will teach you the skills to quickly experience the joy of dance.  We love it when new students tell us that they “can’t dance” or “have two left feet”, because we know how successful they'll be with our help. Within just a few lessons you will be a confident, enthusiastic dancer!  Come and experience the fun of dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Dedham, Massachusetts. 

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studios we have perfected the art of teaching ballroom dance.  Our unique approach to dance instruction is called the Conceptual Instruction Method.  Utilizing both private and group lessons, we’re able to quickly and effectively turn you into a self-assured, skilled ballroom dancer.  Our dance instructors are professionals who possess the passion necessary to ignite your passion for dance and the credentials to teach to the highest levels of dance achievement.

Wedding Dance Lessons

If you are a resident of eastern Massachusetts and want to prepare for that special day we offer unparalleled wedding dance lessons. Our instructors can help you choreograph that memorable first dance, or instruct you in multiple styles of dance which will allow you to dance the night away. Learn more about our special offer for wedding couples and enjoy your wedding night with the confidence gained through professional dance lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Dedham.

Zumba Classes – The Exciting Way to Stay in Shape

The health benefits of dancing are well established, including improvements to your cardiovascular system, muscle tone, flexibility, and strength. For those that want to combine the fun and excitement of dance with a superior workout we offer Zumba classes in Dedham. Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves. If you’re ready to break out of mundane workouts and experience the exhilaration of Zumba in our Dedham studio then check out our class calendar and give us a call and join the revolution of Zumba!